Technical Seminar “Eco-sustainable pools with prevention against the most critical microorganisms”.

On Thursday 11 April, we organised a Technical Seminar at the Club Natació Atlètic Barceloneta facilities, aimed at presenting two great solutions to achieve high quality pool water, fully disinfected and filtered 👉 “Eco-sustainable pools with prevention against the most critical microorganisms”.

It is worth mentioning the collaboration of our friend Octavio Santana, graduate in Chemical Sciences and manager of Vadeaguas, who impeccably explained to us the only chemical product on the market capable of disinfecting pool water with 100% effectiveness 💧 eliminating any bacteria, virus, fungus or protozoa🦠⛔ This chemical product is chlorine dioxide, and at Apliclor we have been marketing our own registered brand for some time: Aquadiox®.

The Technical Director of APLICLOR Water Solutions, Carlos Marín, developed a complete presentation to tell us about our new highly efficient filtration system, recently launched on the market 💦Ecopool Filtering System®; highlighting its high and already proven effectiveness, and its important contribution to the environment 🌍, such as the surprising multi savings in the consumption of water, energy, chemical and space.

Very happy with the great success of attendance and very satisfied with the work of our team, both in the presentations and presentations made, as in their involvement in the development of the entire project.

We are very grateful to Club Natació Atlètic Barceloneta for their collaboration and for their excellent treatment during the whole day.


















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