22 March / Water World Day

💧 Today, 22nd March, is World Water Day 💧

At a time when the words we hear the most are drought, water restriction, climate emergency, risk of desertification… Today is the most appropriate day to really reflect and realise that WATER IS AN ESSENTIAL GIFT, LIFE IS NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT IT.

It is our duty, that of each one of us, to respect it, take care of it, preserve it and use it correctly.

For Apliclor, water is our essence, our raison d’être. Our main objective is to ensure its quality, but always with the commitment to reinvent ourselves to achieve more efficient and sustainable resources, which allow us to take care of it, taking care of the planet.

💧 Let’s celebrate this day with a conscience. 💧

#water #watertreatment #worldwaterday #environment

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