Iron / Manganese Removal

The water concentrations of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) are regulatorily limited, as stated in Table C of Annex I of RD 140/2003, which specifies maximum values ​​of 200 and 50 μg/l respectively.

Concentrations higher than those legislated are detected mainly in abstractions of groundwater or swamp. Iron and manganese, once oxidized by contact with air or with the disinfectant used in the water treatment plant, precipitate in the form of iron or manganese oxides, causing turbidity to the water, precipitations in pipes, deposits and equipment, and even stains in clothing and equipment in contact with this water.

In this context, Apliclor Water Solutions has a technology for the elimination of both components, based on the use of a specific catalytic medium. Our standard installations consist of a system of closed filters under pressure, inside of which, the previously conditioned water to be treated, has the necessary contact time in order to remove both components.

hierro y manganeso

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