APQ Legalizations

Chlorine, ammonia, and in general, most installations containing reagents used in water treatment, bet it potable, residual or desalinated, are subject to legal requirements under the RD 656/2017, and more specifically, its associated Complementary Technical Instructions (ITC). With the exception of very small installations, it is always required to draft a Legalization Project, or Technical Report, detailing the correct application of the RAPQ (Chemical Storage Regulation). This Project or Report must be integrated into the legalization file presented at the Delegation of Industry of the corresponding Autonomous Community, in order to register the storage.

Based on the experience acquired during the many years working with these types of facilities, Apliclor Water Solutions has a specific engineering department dedicated to this service. This department assists customers from the design stage, throughout execution, until the completion of the installation and the legalization process by the competent authorities.


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