Potable Water Treatment Plants

This business area includes the design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of integral water purification systems, from its access to the treatment line to its delivery at the outlet.

Depending on the characteristics of the incoming water, the systems may vary. The treatment lines usually include coagulation and flocculation, sometimes followed by a decantation, and subsequent pressure filtration based on one or more layers of filter media.

Disinfection and oxidation at the inlet and outlet of the treatment line is usually done with sodium hypochlorite solution, although other oxidizing and disinfecting agents, such as chlorine dioxide, are also available.

In all cases, the storages of the chosen reagents are designed according to the applicable legislation (RD 656/2017 of June the 23th). Our Potable Water Treatment Plants also have the necessary instrumentation to guarantee the required quality of the outlet water and can be fully automatic if required by the customer.

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