Gas detectors

As a complement to our chlorine and ammonia dosing solutions, Apliclor Water Solutions supplies specific instrumentation for continuous detection in the environment of both gases. Our 1610B (single point) and 1620B (multipoint) series detectors allow real time detection of potential contamination in the environment by the presence of chlorine, ammonia or sulfur dioxide. These detectors are ideal for the protection of equipment and plant personnel in locations where any of these reagents are being discharged, stored or used. The sensor responds immediately to the presence of the gas and recovers quickly when it has disappeared, leaving itself ready for a new potential detection. The sensor, of an electrochemical nature, has also been designed to avoid false alarms due to other interfering gases or adverse environmental conditions.

The design of the detection system is modular, based on a receiver / transmitter unit and either one (Series 1610B) or several (Series 1620B) remote sensors.

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