Modular Underdrain Filters “LP Block”

As an alternative to the traditional plenum floors in gravity filters, in Apliclor Water Solutions we have an alternative plastic system based on individual blocks of high density polyethylene – LP Block – on top of which a retaining plate of 500 microns can be assembled.

The blocks are assembled into rows, which eventually occupy the entire surface of each filtration unit. The mortar installed in the base and in the spaces between the rows gives consistency to the whole system.

In addition to this straightforward and effortless assembly process, the system is also maintenance free. The LP Block modular underdrain system guarantees a uniform distribution along each row of water and air flow, during the filter backwashing process. The existence in the longitudinal component on each row of a secondary compensation channel, creates a balance in the variations of the outlet pressure of both fluids, due to the velocity gradient along them.

It is also important to note that the LP Block modular underdrain system allows the simultaneous backwashing with water and air of the filters. The external pipelines which transfer the supply of water and air into the rows of LP Blocks are adaptable to the specific characteristics of each installation. There are different typologies of configurations for the system intended to ensure in each case that the inflows of both, water and air, to each row are the same.


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