Bayoxide E-33 is an iron oxide-hydroxide that complies with the UNE-EN15029 “Chemicals used for the treatment of water intended for human consumption”.

With a content of Fe2O3 greater than 70%, an apparent density of 0.5 kg/l, a water content of 6% and its high adsorption capacity of arsenic in oxidation state, both V (arsenate) and III (Arsenite), make Bayoxide E-33 the reference among commercially available adsorbent products.


The systems designed with Bayoxide E-33 are simple, inexpensive to install, and easy and low cost to operate, with only one backwash required every 25 days.

Arsenic retained in the adsorbent medium Bayoxide E-33 is not leached in the backwashing process, i.e. the arsenic is retained in Bayoxide E-33 and in this way it is definitely removed from the water cycle.

According to the leachate regulations the Bayoxide E-33  can be managed through a non-hazardous landfill after the medium is exhausted.

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