Special Salts

The manufacturers chosen by Apliclor, produce their salt mostly from seawater or saline deposits from natural deposits.

This mineral with a content greater than 90% of sodium chloride, is dissolved with water and a clean brine is obtained, whose content in solid particles and impurities is minimal since the sand and insoluble matter have been extracted.

The brine is led to some deposits, beginning a process of evaporation by mechanical compression that ends with the crystallization of the salt, from which all impurities have already been extracted and a wet salt of a Sodium chloride content of more than 99.8% called “Vacuum”.

The salt, still wet, is introduced in dryers, in order to completely remove its moisture and get a completely dry salt (less than 0.1% humidity).

Once achieved, the salt passes to the hangars (where it is stored in bulk) or to some silos where they have just been produced tablets and products used in the different water treatments for which salt is primarily conceived. The tablets, due to the very high compaction pressure with which they are produced, dissolve more progressively obtaining a perfect optimization of water treatment.

One of the most notorious applications of this salt “Vacuum” is directly that of water treatments, using Mainly for decalcification, pool water salt electrolysis systems, chlorine generators, etc..


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