Swimming pool water

Due to extensive experience in water treatment for swimming pools, APLICLOR offers the best solutions to maintain your pool, and quality of water, in perfect condition for bathing, and thus avoiding risks of turbidity, contamination or infection.

APLICLOR commercializes an excellent and extensive range of products specific for disinfection and maintenance of pool water. This innovative pool product range, APLIPOOL and ECOQUIM, is the best solution for professionals and end users. We guarantee our customers and users the maximum quality and safety of the water, so that their only concern is to enjoy the pool and its surroundings.


Aplipool is our premium brand, and the most commercialized for the treatment of pool water, designed for those most demanding users.

With a wide range of products, from disinfection, through regulation of the pH, to products of more specific uses, Aplipool guarantees our clients an optimum result in the treatment of water in your pool.



Our latest brand, tailored for the treatment of swimming pool water at a more competitive price, without compromising the quality of our products.




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